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What do we mean by “True Transparency”?

Honesty and transparency in business can often be seen as a sentiment shared by many in theory yet delivered by few in practice. “True Transparency” is at the heart of Teachers Together and for us, it means a commitment to the following:


  Transparent costs - we provide a full guaranteed breakdown of all associated costs for any given contract meaning both Partners and Members have full sight of all charges including how much Teachers Together makes from each placement.

  Real relationships - we believe a recruitment agency should be more than a sales house and an inclusive, collaborative approach between us, our Partners and our Members is at the core of Teachers Together.

  Understanding your needs - in order to match our Partners with the right Members and vice-versa, Teachers Together will undertake a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure we can accurately meet your needs and requirements.

  Exceptional service - we believe our role is to provide Partners and Members with a platform to do what they do best in their role as educators and facilitators. Teachers Together is committed to providing a best-in-class service for our Partners and Members through regular and constructive communication, review, support and implementation.

Who is Teachers Together?

My name is Oliver Gosden and I have worked within the specific field of education recruitment for the last 16 years. Prior to that I worked for five years within the industrial, commercial and driving sectors.

During my time working with teachers and schools, I believed that perceptions needed to change in order for parents and the public to respect the difficulties that the sector is facing. Recent events have brought to the forefront the dedication, sacrifice and hard work of public sector employees and fostered a greater appreciation of their efforts in wider society. In turn, I am optimistic this will give those working in the sector a renewed sense of pride in their chosen occupation and attract the next generation of key workers.

This time has allowed me the opportunity to consider my own role within the sector and develop a more transparent and inclusive approach under the Teachers Together banner. I want to build a company that I can be proud of, knowing that I am making a difference to those who choose to embrace the ethos of Teachers Together and work alongside me.