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About Us

Recruitment agencies offer a valuable service in times of need for schools and education professionals but how they are regarded does not always reflect this. Part of that is down to how recruitment agencies have conducted themselves or because schools have had bad experiences using their services. 

We like to think that Teachers Together is not your typical recruitment company. Teachers and support staff registered with us are not “temps” but members; people with valuable skills that should be respected and treated as individuals, not as products. The schools we work with are not “clients” but partners, as we are all in this together with a shared purpose of providing the next generation with the best education possible. 

Likewise, we want to give our members the best chance of developing their skills too with access to free training, something usually reserved for those working in permanent positions. Not just some “off-the-shelf” training package which ticks a box but a programme put together in collaboration with members and partners to ensure it really benefits everyone involved. 

Pricing, often regarded as something of a taboo or trade secret, is completely transparent with no hidden fees or surprises for either our members or our partners. We are accredited with the Living Wage foundation and our members are paid monthly via PAYE with enhanced pension contributions and separately accrued paid holiday from the start.

Our Mission & Values

Fair and transparent pricing and pay
Free training and CPD resources
Personalised assistance





Our "TRUE" ethos is at the heart of Teachers Together:

We support the education sector with a uniquely collaborative approach to recruitment which provides:

Transparency - we provide a full guaranteed breakdown of all associated costs for any given contract meaning both partners and members have full sight of all charges including how much Teachers Together makes from each placement. 
Relationships - we believe a recruitment agency should be more than a sales house and maintaining an inclusive, collaborative approach between us, our partners and our members is central to how we work.
Understanding – to match our partners with the right members and vice-versa, Teachers Together undertakes a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure we can accurately meet your specific needs and requirements. 
Excellence - we are committed to providing a best-in-class service for our partners and members through regular and constructive communication, review, support and implementation. 

Meet the Team

An image of Oliver Gosden

Oliver Gosden - Director
Oliver has worked within the specific field of education recruitment since 2004. Prior to that he worked within the industrial, commercial and driving sectors. He established Teachers Together in 2020 to support the local education sector in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire through collaboration, transparency and improved working practices.

An image of Adam Clarke

Adam Clarke – Recruitment Consultant
Adam joined the team in December 2022 and has worked in the recruitment industry since 2017. Prior to that he worked with children and young people as a football coach in Hertfordshire and spent a year abroad in New Zealand. Adam works closely with our members to ensure they are well supported and integrated into roles with our partner schools.

Jude Fung

Jude Fung - Chief Operating Officer

Jude oversees our technical and admin operation including the back-office systems and our digital channels. A former forensic officer and practising paralegal, Jude’s analytical and technical know-how ensures our business is fit for the 21st century and helps us maintain a paperless and low carbon footprint working environment. 

An image of Rachael Frank

Rachael Frank – Communications Consultant

Rachael has worked in Communications and Marketing roles since 2005. She has been providing support to Teachers Together since its inception, joining the team in an official capacity in September 2022. 

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