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How to become a member...

Teachers Together specialises in education recruitment within Hertfordshire, Luton and Bedfordshire for temporary roles. Whether you are a teacher, an Early Career Teacher (ECT), or teaching assistant or support staff looking to further your career or gain additional experience, we are here to help you find a role that suits you. Alternatively, if you are looking to transfer your existing skills in supporting the everyday running of a school, we are also here to help you find that role. 

We also recognise the need for all our temporary staff to have the support they deserve but often do not get due to being short term staff in a school. Our dedicated team is on hand to help you through the onboarding process and during placements. We aim to simplify the recruitment process whilst ensuring quality service and continued communication.

Our Member Onboarding Process 

A flow chart outlining Teachers Together's member onboarding process

For those who are seeking a permanent position, please see click here

Unsure if we're right for you? 

Get in touch with the Teachers Together team today by calling 01707 938 911 or emailing us at 

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