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  • Oliver Gosden

The journey so far………….2023 update

Many people state that the third year is the toughest for new companies. You have had the initial year to get settled and in the second year you can start to grow but the third is where you can prove growth and sustainability. I’m not sure where I would place Teachers Together right now given that we started at the beginning of the pandemic and our potential client base was closed for the first year. I have always tried to see this as a positive (the time we had, not the actual pandemic) as it gave us the space to really think about how we wanted to run the company and the benefits we were keen to offer to our partners and members.

Our company strapline is “Supporting Education”. From the start, it was important for me to keep this front and centre of what we do and how we operate as a recruitment company. Ultimately, our role is to help teachers, teaching assistants and schools meet the needs of children and young people in education, so that they have the tools to learn, develop and create opportunities in their lives and communities.

I’ve always been a goal-orientated person and it’s all too easy as a business owner to get bogged down in setting/meeting targets and losing sight of the bigger picture. As we enter our third year of operation, we’ve supported over 100 members into roles in our partner schools. That represents thousands of children and young people who have gained from our members’ knowledge and experience. Whenever I am met with disappointment or missed opportunities due to circumstances out of my control (which is the harsh reality of working in this industry), I try to keep this bigger picture in mind.

As part of our commitment to supporting education, we have added a range of further benefits for our members this year. This includes becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer and free bespoke Ofsted Awareness and “In Safe Hands” safeguarding training to add to our existing STEPS behaviour management workshops. Recently we have collaborated with the Chartered College of Teaching to offer free membership and access to a wealth of resources so our members can continue to develop and exceed the expectations of our partners. Closing the CPD and training opportunity gap that exists between temporary and permanent staff is something I am deeply committed to and I am proud to say that Teachers Together is the only agency currently providing these services.

Towards the end of 2022, we were in the fortunate position to bring on board our first ever consultant, Adam Clarke. In the short time he has been with us, he has truly understood and embraced the company’s ethos and is keen to continue delivering the transparent approach we have become known for. With Adam on board, it provides us with time and resource to focus on the company’s growth in both Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire - so exciting times ahead for this year!

Personally, I still have continuous anxiety of “have I done the right thing” by starting my own company. No one can prepare you for the level of stress you undertake but as time goes on and the more members and partners we can help, it is difficult not to get swept up in this and believe that we can continue to grow and help more without losing the all-important quality and service that is so fundamental to our business model.

Roll on, 2023!

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