Frequently Asked Questions

How much work will I get?

The honest answer is it will depend on your availability and your performance. The more you are available the higher the chance of finding suitable roles. The feedback we receive from the placements carried out will also determine the amount and frequency of work offered.

Do I need experience?

If you are a Teaching assistant or support staff, you will need to have a proven track record and experience of working with children. If you are a Teacher, then this experience would already have been met by completing your PGCE or another relevant course so we can help.

What will I get paid?

Determined on your experience and specialism this can vary on the type of contract. The average for teachers is around £110-£130 per day prior to Agency Worker Rights being achieved and for Support Staff around £70 per day. Remember that Teachers Together does not roll in your holiday pay so this is in addition to the figures quoted. Our holiday pay is also higher than the national requirement.

How will I be paid?

Teachers Together does not use umbrella companies and only pay via our own PAYE scheme. We also pay monthly which helps budgeting and reduces our cost to ensure we can pass those savings onto you. We pay a higher than required  pension contribution as well.

Does Teachers Together offer training?

Part of our ethos at Teachers Together is to address the disparity between training opportunities provided to permanent members of staff within schools and temporary workers.  Along with the provision of a selection of e-courses to help supplement the existing knowledge and experience of our members, we are extremely proud to be the first and currently the only recruitment agency to offer Step On behavioural management training.  The course is class-based and accredited by Herts for Learning.  It is also free to our members.

We are always looking at the landscape of supply teaching and work towards finding or creating training opportunities for members to make them an invaluable component to the teaching staff team of our partners. 

What support is provided?

Supply work can be a challenging and lonely experience.  We aim to cushion that experience for our members.  If there are any problems or our members require support, we are on hand to help address those challenges.  In addition, our ethos is to have a community spirit with our members in order to reduce the feeling of isolation and encourage support among our members.

Can I apply for both Temporary and Permanent Roles?

Yes, you can, naturally the process is different for both of these and we would also recommend thinking about the specific job you are looking for and what will highlight you over other potential applicants.

How can I apply for membership?

Just simply click on the button below and complete the necessary information so we can contact you and start the process.