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Are schools paying too much to recruitment agencies?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Are schools paying too much to recruitment agencies?

After school meals and food parcels were at the centre of a recent controversy around private companies allegedly making a little too much from the top line, is it time to shine a spotlight on the profits that your school’s providers - including recruitment agencies - are making?

Whilst many schools have the support and backing from the general public - especially after home-schooling has done so much to highlight the valuable job schools, teachers and support staff provide for both the children and their parents/guardians - it can be assumed that the budgets of schools will not be increasing in the way they should or that many had hoped. This is going to put pressure on schools to review their current providers and the costs of the services they engage.

Teachers Together prides itself on its open and transparent pricing. We are the only recruitment company that provides a full breakdown of costs so partners and members are aware of what is being charged and how much Teachers Together makes from each placement. This may be considered a bold step to take in an industry regularly associated with high profit margins and hidden fees but we believe that if the cost can be justified then there is no reason to hide it - particularly when it’s more important than ever to be transparent about where public funds are being spent.

Many companies don’t want their staff to talk openly about how much they are paid with some even requiring staff to sign an agreement prohibiting them from sharing that information with their peers or the schools who hire them. This shows that the majority of companies fear their clients finding out how much they are making because too often - as I’m sure you’ve long-suspected - it cannot be justified.

My view is that once all parties are aware of the costs and charges, we can all focus on what’s really important; ensuring the best possible education is being delivered by the most suitable member of staff. Find out more about our approach to pricing here and feel free to contact us for an open and honest conversation about working with your school.

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